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Handwoven custom belts,​ bracelets and rifle slings

All belts are priced at $33, up to 50" in length, plus shipping.  Shipping rates are posted on the How to Order page.

Single point slings - $49 or $54 -plus shipping
Double point slings - $49 - plus shipping

Bracelet Bundle Deals:
3 bracelets for $14 - plus shipping
6 bracelets for $27 - plus shipping
12 bracelets for $50 - plus shipping

I promise to provide a quality product at a fair price.  I'll do whatever I can to see that you are satisfied and provide the highest level of personal service possible.

My Guarantee:  If you ever have a problem with your belt or rifle sling caused by normal usage, I will repair or replace it free of charge. Also, if you ever have to use the paracord in your belt or rifle sling in an emergency situation, send me the buckle, or sling hardware,  tell me your story and I will make a new belt or sling for you.
My custom belt arrived the same week I ordered it, and I am well pleased with the craftsmanship ; size and colors were exactly as requested,the work is neat, tight and even. This is quality handwork that I will happily recommend. 

Barb McCourt
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"My Dad, the ultimate McGyver, loved this belt! He put it on within minutes of getting it! The quality is impressive, and the strength of it is amazing....no buckling of the belt when he attached his heavy knives and sheaths! You have impressed a very critical Dad, so thank you!"  

Laurie Sperling, Alberta, Canada

"I am a resident of Ontario, Canada and I contacted Bill with a request for a belt. Right from the start he was informative, up front, and patient with the back and forth emails regarding my order. I originally ordered a 3 color belt and was not expecting this but Bill sent me a photo of the belt in progress; Turns out I didn't like it. Well that was NO issue for Bill he willing allowed me to change my mind even though it meant more work for him to start over. Not only is the finished product amazing, and more than I could have asked for but from start to finish I received my order within 7 days that included the international shipping time. I was blown away with the overall customer service, speed of service, and the finished product. My husband received the belt as a fathers day gift and has been showing all his buddies because he is so in love with this unique belt. Thank You Bill for everything." 

Rachel Lang
These rugged belts are made from mil-spec 550 paracord.  Both the cord and the buckles are made in the U.S., and the belts are made by hand in West Virginia.  Each belt contains between 90' to 100' of cord depending on the length of the belt.  Because the belt can be adjusted in size by 1/4" increments, it is the most comfortable belt you will ever wear.  With a little use, the belts become very supple but remain extremely strong.  This may just be the last belt you ever need to buy.
Real life testimonial !

 "Last year I ordered several items from you, bracelets, rifle slings, dog leashes and a belt. Today while hunting, one of the bracelets you made me came in handy. I had shot a deer and was dragging it out of the woods when my drag line snapped. I stood there wondering what to do and while scratching my head I saw the bracelet that I always have on my wrist. I used it to replace my drag line and it worked extremely well. Thank you very much! I always wondered if and when I would need to use one."

  Aaron Shipton