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Ordering Information
Thank you for your interest in my products! I make belts, bracelets, dog leashes, and rifle slings individually for each customer, all I need for belts is your waist size, color choice, and belt buckle style.  For rifle slings specify which type of sling and select your color(s), and for bracelets your color choice(s) and wrist size.  Use the form to the right to order

Belts, up to 50" in length, are $33. Belts longer than 50" are priced individually.

The colors of paracord I have in stock are:

Coyote Brown
Walnut brown
O.D. Green
Royal Blue
Midnight Blue
Blaze Orange
Neon Pink
Pink Camo
Neon Yellow
Neon Green
Kelly Green
Foliage Green

Your belt can be a solid color, or any combination of up to three of these colors. If you would like to order a belt, please reply with your waist size, (please be accurate), your color preference, and choice of buckle style.  Use the form to the right.

Traditional two point rifle sling - $49
One point tactical sling with quick release - $54
One point tactical sling without quick release - $49

Bracelets can be a solid color, or a combination of two colors.  Choose 3 styles of bracelet for only $14, plus $6 shipping.  I do not sell bracelets individually as it costs more to ship them than I charge for making them.  Once you wear one, you'll want a variety of colors!  Please provide an estimation of your wrist size (i.e. slender, normal or thick).

I can send an email invoice that can be paid with PayPal or a credit card, or payment can be made by check or money order to the following address:

Ridgerunner Belts
P.O. Box 4
Reedsville, WV 26547

Your belt will normally ship in about a week after I receive your order.

You may also pay with pre-1965, 90% silver coins.  

Each belt is priced at $2.20 face value.
Two point rifle sling - $3.60 face value
Single point sling w/quick release- $3.60 face value
Single point sling wo/ quick release - $3.20 face value

There is no additional shipping charge for customers who pay in silver coins. Please tape the coins securely to a scrap index card when mailing and please provide your mailing address for the shipment of your order.

I use USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping.  The shipping rates for domestic orders are:
1-2 belts or slings - $6.00
3-9 belts or slings - $12.00
10-15 belts or slings - $18.00

International rates available upon request.

If you ever have a problem with one of my products caused by normal usage, I will repair or replace it free of charge. Also, if you ever have to use the paracord in your belt or rifle sling in an emergency situation, send me the buckle or sling hardware and tell me your story and I will make a new belt or sling for you.

All proceeds of belt sales, over and above cost of materials, will go to support hungry Appalachian children. Specifically, the hungry Appalachian children in my family!

Bill Watson sole proprietor of Ridgerunner Belts.  Ridgerunnerbelts@gmail.com
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